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2016 Fo Guang Shan European Short-Term Monastic Retreat

  1. Objective: To experience traditional Chinese Buddhist discipline and practice, and allow lay Buddhists to

experience monastic life in order to cultivate conduct and virtue.

  1. Date: 9 July (Sat.) –15 July 2016 (Fri.)
  2. Venue: Fo Guang Shan France (see below).
  3. Qualification: (1) Participants should have an appreciation of Buddhism and a willingness to learn Buddhist monastic life (men should shave their hair during the retreat).

(2) Must be mentally and physically healthy.

(3) Aged from 16 to 55.

  1. Language: Chinese (English translation provided)
  2. Quota: 90 Applicants
  3. Cost and Fee: (1) The event is sponsored by Fo Guang Shan France.

(2) Accommodation and meals at the temple are provided by Fo Guang Shan France. (Welcome to make a donation for the Meal Offering.)

(3) Registration fee: 120€ for non-BLIA members, 100€ for BLIA members,50€ for students (please show the student ID), to be paid during registration.

(4) Laundry fee for the cultivation garments lent and sponsored by the Organizer:  (Please bring your own white socks and underwear enough for 7 days, laundry service is not provided)

  1. Enrollment: (1) Deadline for registration: until the quota is full

(2) Documents:      – A photocopy of your passport (personal details).

– A brief biography of 300 words or more (Chinese or English)

– 2 recent Passport sized photos.

(3) Send the completed application form, (downloaded from http://www.foguangshan.fr), together with a letter of Agreement and the documents noted above, to your local branch temple.

(4) Interview: Please fill in which branch is most convenient to you for interview. If you are not familiar to the particular branch, the Organizer will choose the closest venue for you. ※Applicants will be notified of the outcome once the review process is completed.

If you want to join the Five Precepts and Bodhisattva Precepts Retreat(16-17th July) afterwards, please fill in the application form and send it all together.


Adresse : 3 allée Madame de Montespan Foguangshan France.     
77600 Bussy Saint Georges
Tel:01 60 21 36 36
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